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LWVJoCo elected officers and directors at the May 6, 2017 annual meeting.​

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Donna Lauffer Co-president  (2017-2018) Duties
 Photo of Sandra Sanchez  Sandra Sanchez Co-president  (2017-2018) Duties
 Jodiepic Jodie Dietz Co-vice president (2017-2018) Duties
Paula Schwach Co-vice president (2017-2018) Duties
 Anita Kaiser Treasurer (2016-2018)  Duties
  Sara Funk Secretary (2017-2019) Duties
Board of Directors
  Melissa Carlson  2016-2018 Duties
Christine Caseres  2017-2019 Duties
Karin Leacox  2017-2019 Duties
Julie Lester  2016-2018 Duties
Becky White  2017-2018 Duties
  Mary Estrada 2017-2018 Duties
Cathy Nix 2017-2018 Duties
Committee Chairs
Jill Quigley Observer Corps Duties
Christine Caseras Natural Resources Duties
Dolores Furtado
Janis McMillen
Government Policy Duties
Karin Leacox Membership Duties
Marcia Manter Speakers’ Bureau Duties
Kathy Minges Event Planner Duties
Ellen Miller Nominations Duties
Julie Lester
Becky White
Social Policy Duties
Cathy Nix

Mary Estrada

Voter Services Duties
Christine Hutchins Voter Registration at Naturalizations Duties
Assigned Roles
 Leslie Sullivan Public Relations Duties
Jodie Dietz
Paula Schwach
Programs Duties
Ann Norbury

Amber Stegner

VOTER Editor Duties
Susan Horst

Ann Norbury

Website Duties
Diane Kuhn Historian Duties
Eileen Thoni Hospitality Duties
Julie Carmichael Database Support Duties
Nan Wilson Great Decisions on Foreign Policy Duties
Harry Bognich Postal Mailing Duties
Ann Norbury Eblast Communications Duties
Eileen Manza

Judy McNish

Phone Tree Coordinators Duties
Harry Bognich LWVJoCo PA System Duties
 Melissa Carlson  Facebook/Twitter
 Diane Kuhn Mentor to new members Duties