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We learned about foreign policy issues by joining the Great Decisions discussion group.

Great Decisions takes you beyond the headlines by providing a look at eight of the most significant and far-reaching challenges facing the world. The discussion group met bi-monthly from February through May, 2018.

The Great Decisions Briefing Book features impartial, thought-provoking analyses on eight issues of concern to U.S. policy.

The topics for 2018:

  • Feb. 12, The waning of Pax Americana
  • Feb. 26, Russia’s foreign policy
  • March 12, China’s economic power and geopolitics
  • March 26, Media and foreign policy
  • April 9, Turkey: A partner in crisis
  • April 23, U.S. defense budget
  • May 7, South Africa
  • May 21, Global health


To order the 2018 Briefing Book, contact the Kansas City International Relations Council (816-221-4204, or www.irckc.org). The $24 cost includes shipping.