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Long Range Plan  2016-2020

Long Range Plan  

Goals for LWVJoCo Five-Year Long Range Plan, with specific action plans for 2016-2017 

MEMBERSHIP: Attract, inspire, and retain members who reflect the diversity of our community

2016-2017 Action Plan: Recruit. Retrain, Retain. Increase membership, increase new members, increase attendance at meetings, host new member parties, invite new members to join a committee, send welcome letters to new members, connect a mentor to new members, contact guests, and track social event attendance

VISIBILITY: Communicate to members, leaders, partners, and the community our beliefs, what we do, and how to be involved

2016-2017 Action Plan: Extend personal invitation to engage with League, develop media relationships for good coverage, establish a daily presence on social media, and
Observer Corps at public meetings

EDUCATION: Inform our community about public policy issues and the importance of voting in Making Democracy Work for all

2016-2017 Action Plan: Generate leads for Speakers Bureau, hold high school voter registration events, and present “JoCo in the Know” evening forums

POLITICAL ACTION: Advocate with officials and candidates about public policy issues, and hold them accountable for responsive, accessible, and transparent government

2016-2017 Action Plan: Encourage advance voting, host legislative coffees, host candidate forums (Meet and Greet events) and host debate watching events

INFRASTRUCTURE: Establish and maintain a nimble, informed, connected organization that is well funded.

2016-2017 Action Plan: Mentor new leaders, develop protocols for board meetings,continue “Giving Tuesday” fundraising effort

The process of Long Range Planning
In January 2015, LWVJoCo members authorized undertaking long range planning as an alternative to doing a local study. Eleven months later, the final plan covering 2016-2020 was delivered to our board (Appendix 4). It includes:
Vision. The LWVJoCo will be the “go to” organization for county residents to become informed about and engaged in their government and community issues.
Mission. The League of Women Voters of Johnson County, Kansas, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase civic understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. [Note: “Nonpartisan” means that LWVJoCo neither supports nor opposes candidates or political parties.]

Five goals: Membership, Visibility, Education, Political Action, and Infrastructure. Each year, the LWVJoCo Board will develop action plans toward achieving those goals.

Outline of development
To develop the plan, member input had top priority. Eighty-six of our 176 members responded to the 10-question online survey (Appendix 1), which covered topics from the importance of current activities to ways to increase visibility.

During the summer, 54 members participated in nine informal League Talk sessions (Appendix 3). The small groups discussed how we could do even more to promote democracy in Johnson County, being a more vibrant organization, and how their personal interests could be better met.

Stakeholder meetings (Appendix 2) gathered ideas about how community entities and LWVJoCo might work together.

Member input and stakeholder comments informed several versions of the draft plan, each reviewed by the board. In October, the latest draft was e-blasted to members for comments.

By design, our Long Range Plan culminates in 2020, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the League of Women Voters. The design team hopes that this plan will focus our limited resources and unlimited ideas to Making Democracy Work®.