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July 2018
Vol. 70 No. 2

In this issue:

Affordable housing in Johnson County

Spotlight on member Ann Norbury

Engaging underrepresented voters

What it’s like to run for city council

Staying ‘In the Know’ with LWVJoCo

Busy Days, Busy People. That was my daughter’s favorite book 40 years ago. It totally applies to LWVJoCo today! How can you keep up?

  • Start with our calendar of events. That’s where you’ll find details for the informal “How to Reach Underrepresented Voters” in a member’s home. You’ll also find details about “Lessons from the Local Campaign Trail” on July 19, which features the experiences and insights of three newly elected council members of area cities.
  • Visit (and like!) our Facebook page.
  • Go to our YouTube channel to learn how to combat climate change in your own backyard and see other informative presentations from our monthly programs.
  • Watch for our the weekly e-blasts for the latest news, voter registration events, and links to other organizations. (If you aren’t receiving them, sign up here.)
  • Check our website to find out more about what’s ahead.

Leveraging Partnerships

We’ve also been working with other organizations to make voting easier and to encourage more people to vote. At our request, the Johnson County Election Office posted the federal voter registration form on its website. In return, we posted the election office’s plea for more election workers in the June VOTER and on Facebook.

Once again, we’re part of the metro area Women’s Equality Week, hosting a lunch-and-learn event, “Saving Democracy: It’s OUR Job,” on August 22. Our voter services team has also been partnering with the Rosedale Development Association as well as the ACLU’s Voter Registration Project and Mainstream Coalition’s Voter to Voter initiative (more details below) to register more voters.

As you can see, you are part of a very committed group, working on several fronts to protect voter rights and our democracy. We hope to see you at one of our many events this month.

Questions, concerns? Just let me know. We are on the move!!

Ellen Miller

ellen3147@gmail.com; 913-894-5232

How to Reach Underrepresented Voters

Join us at the home of Marty and Candy Birch to discuss ways to promote equal and full representation among underrepresented citizens in our election process. We’ll have an open exchange of ideas about who we need to reach and how best to connect with them. Our goal is to come away with a plan of action for helping all Johnson County residents have a voice in our political process through voter registration drives, outreach efforts and community partnerships.

Sign up now so we can save you a seat.


Why Affordable Housing Matters

More than one in four Johnson County households, regardless of whether they rent or own, are burdened by the cost of housing, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  For several months, the LWVJoCo Housing Affordability Study Committee has been focusing on the issue of affordable housing in Johnson County. Read why affordable housing is important to our community.

Members Gear Up for Get-Out-the-Vote Initiative

MainStream Coalition is spearheading a get-out-the-vote initiative for the Kansas City area.

Dozens of League members have signed up to be ambassadors for MainStream Coalition’s new get-out-the-vote effort called Voter to Voter. As you know, voting and voter registration are what the League are all about. That’s why we are urging members to pledge to help get people to the polls. 

As an ambassador, you will identify 10 potential Kansas voters. Then you will send each of the 10 potential voters a series of emails before the primary and again before the general election. MainStream will compose the emails, providing information on why, when and how to vote, and you’ll have the opportunity to personalize them before sending.

These emails and this effort is entirely nonpartisan and will not include information about specific candidates.

Jill Quigley, the League’s Voter to Voter coordinator, is available to answer questions or lend support. To sign up, contact Jill at 913-541-9645 or jill.j.quigley@gmail.com.


Work on JoCo Courthouse Nears Start

League members will be front and center at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Johnson County Courthouse at 8:30 a.m. on July 12. The League supported the construction of a new courthouse. Voters approved a new 10-year, quarter-cent sales tax increase to pay for it. Take a virtual tour of $182 million, 28 courtroom building.


Join us July 19 at 6:30 p.m. for "Lessons from the Local Campaign Trail," featuring the insights of three newly elected area city council members.Lessons from the Local Campaign Trail:

What I’ve Learned Running for Office

What happens behind the scenes in a political campaign? Get a firsthand look at what it takes to run—and win—local elections from three newly elected members of area city councils:

  • Sollie Flora, Mission City Council.
  • Logan Heley, Overland Park City Council
  • Lindsay Constance, Shawnee City Council

Ann Sanders, an accomplished educator and community leader, will lead the nonpartisan panel as they share their experiences and answer your questions.

Thursday, July 19

7-8:30 p.m.

Matt Ross Community Center

RSVP now.

Welcome, New Members

Several people joined in June: Theresa Hyde, Barbara Bartocci, Anne Melia, Ellice Vittor, Doreen Maronde and Karla Hiedeman. That brings our total active membership to 286 people.

Have you renewed your membership? Memberships expired June 30. Renew online—it’s fast and easy.

Member Spotlight

Ann Norbury

You’ve probably met Ann or at least seen her at League and other political events around town. She’s one of our more active members and has been for years. Find out why she remains such a devoted member.


Observer Corps

Increased security in Johnson County parks, a $1 billion+ proposed budget for Johnson County and construction of a new Sikh temple in Lenexa are among the many issues public officials discussed in meetings this month. Read summaries created by several League members who attend these public meetings regularly.

Board and Committee Updates

  • Christine Hutchins, chair of the naturalization committee, reported that League members registered 85 percent of the 84 new citizens sworn in on June 22.
  • After July 17 (last day to register and be eligible to vote in the primary elections), the voter services team is going to focus on get-out-the-vote efforts through the Voter to Voter initiative mentioned above. (Contact Jill Quigley to sign up.) From late August  through October 16, (the last day to register to vote in the general election), the voter services team will be trying to get into high schools and colleges to finish up voter registration for this election cycle.  Contact Becky White if you want to get on the email list about voter registration volunteer opportunities.
  • During the June board meeting, members heard updates about the Kansas League’s efforts to get candidate information for inclusion in vote411.org, the League of Women Voters “one-stop-shop” for election related information nationwide. Voters in Kansas should be able to find nonpartisan state-specific information in July.
  • LWVJoCo plans to host a candidate forum for people running for the Johnson County Board of Commissioners in the fall.
  • The board is still looking for volunteers to help with event planning, hospitality and the speakers bureau. If you are interested, please email Karin Leacox.

LWVJoCo members gather for annual summer picnic.Couldn’t make the picnic?

No worries if you weren’t able to attend our indoor picnic in June. Here are some of the highlights.Check out pictures from the event, too.



Voting in JoCo: What You Need to Know

Important dates:

July 17: Deadline for voter registration

July 18: Advance voting by mail begins

July 23: Advance voting in person begins (six locations)

August 6: Advance voting ends

August 7: Primary Election

For more information: Johnson County Election Office

Useful links:

Confirm your voter registration

Apply for an advance ballot

View your sample ballot (after July 18)

Advance voting locations (July 23 – August 4)



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