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Primary Election:  August 7, 2018
General Election:  November 6, 2018


Johnson County Election Office



Read guidelines for distributing advance ballot applications

Use the election office website to check your voter registration, confirm your polling place, learn what districts you live in, the names of your representatives, and view the list of candidates for upcoming elections. You may also view a sample ballot, which is posted 20 days prior to an election.

  • Johnson County Kansas Election Office
  • Find your Legislator View the roster of Senate and House elected officials at the Kansas Statehouse
  • Note: Do you vote a paper ballot? In the November 2016 election,  2,873 paper ballots were not counted in Johnson County. Of these, 1,626 persons were not registered. Some ballots were not accepted due to problems with the return envelope, such as the envelope was not signed or signature did not match the one on file, incomplete information, photo ID was not shown to election worker, or voter had already voted. See a sample return envelope for guidance.