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In 2015, LWVJoCo developed a five-year long range plan. The 2016-2020 plan has four major building blocks: Vision, Mission, Beliefs and Goals.

Vision: LWVJoCo will be the “go-to” organization for county residents to become informed about and engaged in their government and community issues.

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Mission: The League of Women Voters of Johnson County, Kansas, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase civic understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Beliefs: Our guiding beliefs are: respecting individuals, valuing diversity, empowering grassroots groups, engaging in civil discourse, and acting with integrity and professionalism.


MEMBERSHIP: Attract, inspire, and retain members who reflect the diversity of our community

VISIBILITY: Communicate to members, leaders, partners, and the community our beliefs, what we do, and how to be involved

EDUCATION: Inform our community about public policy issues and the importance of voting in Making Democracy Work for all

POLITICAL ACTION: Advocate with officials and candidates about public policy issues, and hold them accountable for responsive, accessible, and transparent government

INFRASTRUCTURE: Establish and maintain a nimble, informed, connected organization that is well funded.


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This strategic plan also focused on objectives and activities to support the five goals.  Each year the LWVJoCo Board of Directors draws up an action plan to advance those goals.

2018-2019 Action Plan (Current Plan)

LWVJoCo is halfway through its 2016-2020 Long-Range Plan (LRP). For 2018, top priority went to empowering voters for the midterm elections.

But what happens after 11/6/18? We’ll target one or two items in each of the five LRP goal areas, specifically:

Membership: Solicit opinions and ideas from new members. Methods include an online survey and committee chairs’ annual plans.

Visibility: Partner with new groups. Methods include attending events and meetings organized by other organizations, such as the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Latina Nuestra awards.

Education: Engage youth voters. Methods include creating new programs as well as voter registration in high schools and colleges.

Political Action: Add “What can YOU do” events after monthly Saturday meetings. Methods include postcard-writing campaigns and petitions.

Infrastructure: Inform members that our League sends $50 of the individual $60 membership fees to state and national Leagues. Methods include fundraising letters and VOTER/website articles.


2017-2018 Action Plan

Membership: Invite. Recruit. Retrain, Retain. Increase membership, set membership target ranges, increase diversity with outreach to partner groups, survey new members for interests, hold new member orientation, conduct 2 new member events, integrate new members into LWVJoCo activities, develop new member guide,  send welcome letters to new members, connect a mentor to new members, survey in November to members and non members, consider event evaluations, contact guests, collect data to track member engagement, share data with leadership and Nominating Committee, and track social event attendance

VisibilityPublish articles on successes of LWVJoCo on LWV birthday (Feb. 14), develop window decals for cars, continue to film meetings on You Tube, develop media relationships for good coverage, establish a daily presence on social media, track hits on YouTube, and Observer Corps at public meetings

Education: Generate leads for Speakers Bureau, hold high school voter registration events, and present “JoCo in the Know” evening forums in spring, encourage attendance at League Day in Topeka, summarize policies in VOTER, use QR codes in VOTER, conduct Legislative coffees in spring, include Wyandotte and Bonner Springs, encourage new members to observe in Topeka to understand the legislative process

Political Action: Encourage advance voting, host legislative coffees, host candidate forums (Meet and Greet events) and encourage members to carpool to Topeka for “Day at the Capitol” or to observe the legislative/advocacy process, teach how to use the legislative calendar.

InfrastructureMentor new leaders, develop method for collecting data from all committees, use the consent agenda and share committee reports in more efficient method, develop fundraising effort such as end-of-the-year letter, explore converting to 501c3 status to increase fundraising, replace aging computer/projector.


Review 2016-2017 Action Plan


Review First Action Plan Jan. 2016-May 2016


Check out the process we used to develop our Long Range Plan.
We gathered input through a member survey, informal “League Talk” sessions in homes and stakeholder interviews.