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2019 Elections

The general election will be held on November 5, 2019. Note: municipal elections are nonpartisan.

In Johnson County, voters will select candidates for local school boards, mayor and city council seats, water district and positions on the Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees..

Meet the candidates. Be an informed voter. 

Forum with candidates for the JCCC Board of Trustees. Voters will choose three candidates for the three open seats.

Six candidates for JCCC Board of Trustees
From left: Lori Bell, Colleen Cunningham, Jameia Haines, Nancy Ingram, Greg Musil, Laura Smith-Everett

View September 3 video with JCCC candidates..


Shawnee Mission Post hosted a series of  candidate forums. View videos on SM Post’s Facebook page..

Shawnee Mission Area Council PTA hosted a candidate forum of Shawnee Mission Board of Education.

Oct. 1: Shawnee Mission Board of Education

Johnson County

Wyandotte County

In Wyandotte County, voters will select candidates for Unified Government, Board of Public Utilities, school boards and KCK Community College Board of Trustees.


Preview your sample ballot.  Wyandotte County

Find advance voting locations:in Wyandotte County

Learn about candidates 

Candidates can impact your local community or the direction of the nation. To move beyond the candidate’s style and image to the substance of what they stand for, here are some tips to guide you as you decide which candidate you want to support with your vote.

Visit Vote411.org to view profiles of the candidates on your ballot.  Visit ksballot.org to learn about the candidates and issues on your ballot..

How to Judge a Candidate