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Member Spotlight: Tinna Hung

Kathleen Morrow and Tinna Hung | Published on 12/29/2020


Where she’s from

Tinna is originally from the Minneapolis area. 

About her family

She lives with her husband, Travis, and 16-year-old daughter, Kaia. The family also has 2 dogs, Bea and Rosie, and one chunky cat named PJ. 

Why she joined the LWV

Tinna believes that we live in a society to address its inequities, and that to do so, we have to make changes at the system level, at the policy level. She also believes we cannot make those changes as a society without a government that truly represents the diversity of our population, and to achieve that, we need to address gerrymandering and voter suppression, and we need to encourage informed, educated participation. Unaware of the league until she began Googling some of these issues, the League popped right up in her results. The fact that the League also explores issues such as Medicaid and climate change, and is nonpartisan, led Tinna to believe it would be a good match for her interests.

Tinna also felt the need for more self-education. She joined the communications committee because it helps her stay on top of the resources available.

What she thinks the League does well

She thinks the League does a great job of making information available to voters, and of bringing people together. The monthly panel presentations are highly informative and interesting. She hasn't seen the League operate outside of COVID-19 yet, but she’s excited about being able to participate in some in-person events in the future.

Where she would like to see the League focus in the future

Tinna thinks the League is doing some good work around DEI, and she’d like to see that continue. More activity related to climate change is something else Tinna would like to see. She also wonders if there is an opportunity for the League to play a part, in our currently polarized society, to encourage civil and respectful conversations between people on different sides of the political spectrum.

What she does to strengthen our democracy

Tinna sends our e-blasts, formerly weekly but published less often now that the election is over. She hopes the information she pulls together, with help from the team, is playing a part in keeping our community informed.

Fun Fact

Tinna loves to read, anything from spy novels to Harry Potter to psychology to current events. She reads 90-100 books each year!

How she's coping with the pandemic

The pandemic made Tinna realize she is completely happy being at home. As long as she can see a few people outside every once in a great while, she's good. She suspects it will get a little bit harder through winter, and she is glad that vaccines are out and things may get better in 2021.