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November 3, 2018
Power Up Your Advocacy

Stuart Little

Stuart Little

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

We all know that advocacy plays an essential role in a democratic society. Along with voting, advocacy provides a way for citizens to influence legislation and policies.

But just how do you go about it? Our speakers shared when, where and how to make your voice heard and how to do it effectively. View program on YouTube video.

Paul Johnson, LWV Kansas lobbyist and author of Policy Watch, a weekly report during the Kansas legislative session

Stuart Little, government relations consultant and lobbyist

October 6, 2018
Get Out the Vote: What Works

Lindsay Beehgam

Lindsay Behgam

Patrick Miller, PHD

Patrick Miller

Motivating people to vote involves proven strategies as well as new approaches. We learned how we an get more Johnson County residents to the polls for each and every election. Watch a video of the meeting.


  • Patrick Miller, PhD, assistant professor of political science, University of Kansas
  • Lindsay Behgam, Mainstream Coalition


September 8, 2018
Constitutional Convention: A Threat to Our Democracy

National political organizations representing issues from both the political right and left are calling for a Constitutional Convention to recommend changes. We learned about the dangers a convention poses and why the League of Women Voters thinks opening the Constitution could harm America’s basic principles of government and citizens’ individual rights. Our presenters  described the potential risks and ways to advocate for the rejection of a proposed Constitutional Convention.  See their presentation here.


Mark Johnson, JD, adjunct professor,  Kansas University School of Law,

Cille King, co-president, League of Women Voters of Kansas

Read background info about a Constitutional Convention.


Photo of Elizabeth Arnold

Elizabeth Arnold, founding member of Stand Up Blue Valley

May 5, 2018: Everyday Activism

Our annual breakfast and meeting celebrated the power of everyday activism. Our featured speaker, Elizabeth Arnold, shared how small, individual efforts can create big change.
Elizabeth is one of the founders of Stand Up Blue Valley, a grassroots organization
that informs residents about legislation affecting public schools and documents how elected officials are voting.





April 7, 2018: Combat Climate Change in Your Own Backyard

David Dods, speakerEnvironmental scientist David Dods shared simple ways we each can make a difference in our own backyards. He also discussed land use planning, urban sprawl, climate change and other important environmental issues so we can make more informed decisions at the polls.

View program on YouTube



March 3, 2018: Path to Citizenship

Our panelists shared details about the challenges of the journey to citizenship. It is a long process with many requirements and associated costs.

Speakers about the immigration process

From left; Tracy Fuller Forbush, Angela Ferguson, Hilary Singer Cohen

Angela Ferguson, immigration attorney. described the different categories and the related laws and paths to citizenship. View her 24-minute presentation..

Hilary Cohen Singer, Jewish Vocational Services, reviewed the impact of the number of applicants and the actual number of those that have gained citizenship. She also discussed the resettlement process and programs.  View her 13-minute presentation.

Tracy Fuller Forbush, Catholic Charities citizenship program manager, described their educational program to assist immigrants in preparing for citizenship. View her 31-minute presentation.


February 3, 2018: Civility in Public Dialogue

Allan Katz, founder of American Public Square will share tips and techniques of holding a civil conversation.

Photo of Allan Katz

Photo of Allan Katz answering questions American Public Square brings together non-like-minded people for fact-based, civil conversations about national, regional, and local issues. It is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that seeks to change the tone and quality of public discourse. It organizes programs about community, health, education, civics, and faith. At its dinners and meetings, panelists with opposing views engage with each other and the audience in civil discussion. If the tone of the conversation veers from civility, audience members ring the “civility bell,” which reminds everyone to take a deep breath and work together toward real, effective solutions to the issues at hand.
Large audience at LWVJoCo program


January 6, 2018: Planning and Brainstorming

League members engaged in planning for 2018 with a host of new ideas.


Photo of round table discussion  Photo of brainstorming session  Photo of brainstorming session