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LWVJoCo Natural Resources Committee offers several ways Johnson County residents can take an active role in preserving our environment.The Natural Resources Committee educates and empowers Johnson County residents to understand and advocate for the protection of the environment and our natural resources on a local, state and national level.  


Green Government

On all levels, the elected government official influences the care and protection of our environment and local resources. When voting for representatives of the government, it is important to know the impact they can have on the environment by serving on various committees or voting for and authoring legislation that regulated the use and protection of our shared environment. Find out more about how elected officials impact your local environment and why it is essential to vote for individuals who care about protecting our shared environment.


Planting Natives

Receive grant money to install a rain barrel or plant natives. Several area cities pay as much as $1,000 (or half of the cost) for rain gardens, along with other grant amounts for planting natives and installing rain barrels to help manage storm water. Find out if your city participates and how to participate.

We’ve also put together a list of local parks that feature native plants.



Recycling is one easy way everyone can help minimize waste in our landfills. It can be surprisingly complicated, though. Not everyone in Johnson County is serviced by the same waste disposal company. Guidelines to what is accepted and not accepted vary greatly depending on the disposal company your community uses. Here are some resources to help you recycle effectively.


Contact the Natural Resources Committee if you want to learn more about the LWVJoCo’s environmental efforts.