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June 2019
Vol. 70 No. 1

In this issue:

Your Dues Explained

LWVJoCo Joins Nonprofit Connect

Member Spotlight on Danielle Simpson Keller

Results of the Annual Meeting

Summer Fun, League Style

Thursday, June 20, 6 to 8 p.m.

Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center

No bugs, no heat, no wind. Just good food and conversation (and a great time to renew your membership!).

What to bring: An entree, veggies, fruit or dessert to share (we’ve got drinks covered).

Enter to win some League swag and start your summer off right!

RSVP so we know how many to expect.

Native Plant Workshop

Saturday, June 22, 2:30 to 4 p.m.

Oak Park Library

Our League is partnering with Bridging the Gap and Johnson County Stormwater to present a workshop on the importance of planting pollinator and native plants to our environment. Information will be provided to apply for various city cost-sharing programs that provide up to 50 percent reimbursement for your native plant project.

Parsons’ Gardens will give away a free native plant to the first 30 attendees. Please RSVP.


President's UpdateFast Start to New Year

Just days after members OK’d our LWVJoCo reorganization on May 4, your board hit the deck running! Highlights include:

July 18 advocacy training: Hesitant to contact elected officials? Learn advocacy basics, do’s and don’ts from Topeka Leaguer Carrie Lancaster.

August Movie Month: Don’t miss must-see social issue films + popcorn + (always spirited) discussions. Stay tuned for times and dates.

September 7 monthly meeting: Johnson County Election Commissioner Ronnie Metsker and other Kansas election officials answer your voting questions.

That’s just the iceberg’s tip! For details on these and dozens of other events, watch for our weekly emails and check our League calendar. Tip: Add our event calendar to your Google calendar by clicking the blue “+” symbol at the bottom of the calendar of events. Your mobile device or the calendar on your computer will sync all events the moment we post them.

Questions? Concerns? Just let me know.

Ellen Miller, LWVJoCo president

ellen3147@gmail.com; 913-894-5232

Nonprofit ConnectNew Benefit for League Board

LWVJoCo now belongs to Nonprofit Connect, an acclaimed networking and training provider located in Kansas City, Mo. It serves nonprofit boards and their members, as well as industry professionals.

The organization offers many resources to the public and League board members will be able to access even more. Some training sessions and presentations are free. Check out upcoming events on Nonprofit Connect’s website.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize—Local Elections!

Don’t get lost amid the hubbub of the national political scene. Our local elected officials determine our quality of life, whether it’s schools, roads, parks, sewers, snow removal or taxes.

During the next few months, plan to attend your city council and school board meetings. Get to know your elected officials and learn about the issues on their agendas.

The general election is set for November 5. If more than two candidates file for the same position, a primary election will be held on August 6. Check your county election office for updates:

Johnson County Election Office

Wyandotte County Election Office

Money, Money, Money!

Your Dues Explained

Several members have asked how LWVJoCo uses membership dues. The money supports three levels of the League of Women Voters: League of Women Voters (LWVUS) at the national level, League of Women Voters of Kansas (LWVK) at the state level and LWVJoCo at the local level. Here are answers to a few other questions you may have:

How much goes to LWVK and how much to LWVUS?

Of the $60 for a LWVJoCo individual membership, $32 goes to LWVUS and $18 goes to LWVK as per-member-payments (PMP) with the remaining $10 going to LWVJoCo.   

How does LWVK use the money?

PMP is a major source of income for LWVK, which in turn supports such activities as:

  • Participation in VOTE411.org
  • Our legislative consultant, Paul Johnson, who creates the weekly Policy Watch newsletter legislative sessions, works with our Legislative Observer Corps and meets with local Leagues during their events at the Capitol
  • Local League website and communications updates
  • A part-time office administrator
  • Rent for a small office in Topeka 

How does LWVUS use the money?

LWVUS uses PMP to support its many national activities, including:

  • Advocacy, membership and organizational activities
  • National convention and council
  • National board and committee meetings

When were the dues last increased?    

At the 2014 national convention, LWVUS set PMP at $32 effective in 2015. In 2015, LWVJoCo set dues at $60 for an individual. LWVK set its PMP at $18 in 1994.

Annual Meeting 2019 Roundup

Congratulations to our new board leaders for 2019-2020:

President: Ellen Miller
Vice-presidents: Cathy Matlack and Tom Stroud
Secretary: Danielle Keller
Treasurer: Anita Kaiser

See the complete leadership roster, including directors and committee chairs.

At our May meeting, members also approved a position on housing affordability, revised bylaws and a new budget.

Welcome, New Members

Six people joined LWVJoCo during the past month: Melissa Cather, Jerry and Joan Gilson, Renee Carlson, Rose Reicherts and Whitney Wilson. Make a point to introduce yourself at the Summer Indoor Picnic.

Danielle KellerMember Spotlight

Danielle Simpson Keller

Besides substantially lowering the average age of the board 😊, LWVJoCo’s new board member and secretary provides the organization with a fresh perspective and an array of valuable skills. Find out a little more about Danielle.

Observer Corps

Work on the new Antioch Library, talks of a new Prairie Village community center and a decrease Johnson County residents’ water usage among the many issues public officials discussed in meetings this month. Read summaries created by several League members who attend these public meetings regularly.

Board and Committee Updates

Donna Lauffer and Candy Birch speak on the radio show KC Cares.

Members Donna Lauffer and Candy Birch on KC Cares radio broadcast.

  • Members Donna Lauffer and Candy Birch did a wonderful job discussing our Centennial Celebration plans during a recent KC Cares radio broadcast. Listen to the broadcast.
  • The Voter Services team has been busy this spring registering younger voters. We’ve registered more than 230 voters and hosted events at Donnelly College, Johnson County Community College and Kansas City Kansas Community College. We also focused on registering students at local high schools: Horizons, J.C. Harmon, Kansas State School for the Deaf, Schlagle, St. Thomas Aquinas, Sumner Academy, Turner and Wyandotte. If you are interested in registering voters at community events this summer, email Becky White. 
  • Jill Quigley and Karen Wulfkuhle presented an update to the LWVJoCo board about preparations for the 2020 Census. Jill and Karen serve as the League’s representatives on Johnson County’s 2020 Complete Count Committee, a community group formed to increase awareness of and participation in the census. Spring and summer are the planning period for the committee and stakeholder groups, such as the League. Limited public outreach will start in late summer and continue into the fall; the majority of outreach activities will begin in January. Karen has agreed to lead the committee.
  • We are looking for more volunteers to serve on the Speakers Bureau to continue the League’s voter outreach efforts. Volunteers give prepared presentations that LWVJoCo has developed on an array of important issues to church and community organizations. Contact Kathleen Morrow to get more information.

Find out more about what the state League is doing.

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