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Eileen Marshall, chair

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Overland Park City Council

October 7, 2019

Observer: Janet Milkovich

Overland Park became the largest city in Kansas to pass an ordinance extending protection to LGBTQ people who live, work and play in Overland Park. Ordinance No. HRC-3266 prohibits discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation on the basis of sexual identity or gender orientation and will take effect October 15, 2019.

Several Fiscal Year 2019 Community Development Block Grant Program Sub-Recipient Agreements were included in the Community Development Committee Items. The block grants awarded to the following five recipients are to be used to provide emergency assistance for rent and utilities to help low income families, provide emergency short term financial assistance and transitional housing to homeless youth and families in addition to case management services, help with childcare assistance for summer day care program for low and moderate income Overland Park households,  and to provide short-term financial assistance for rent and utilities to meet the basic needs of low income families: Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, Hillcrest Ministries of MidAmerica, JOCO Interfaith Hospitality Network JOCO Park and Recreation District and the Salvation Army are the named sub-recipients.

Friends of JCDS received a block grant to provide improvements to group homes for disabled Overland Park residents. 

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City of Prairie Village City Council

October 7, 2019

Observer: Eileen Marshall

Notable items:

  1. An architect was hired to do schematic design for the new public works facility. The existing site, in use since the 1950s, will be redesigned and constructed to as high a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating as feasible.
  2. Council directed city staff to help design pilot programs for curbside recycling of food waste and glass, to gauge feasibility of providing this service citywide. The pilot programs will be presented at a future council meeting.

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WaterOne Board (10/8/19)

October 10, 2019

Observer: Jim Quigley

The board met at 7 p.m. at the WaterOne office. Bonds from 2010 are about to be called, and new bonds will be issued. There was discussion about a request for charitable water service to be provided to Highland Cemetery in Prairie Village, an historic cemetery. Although WaterOne had discussed the possibility of forming a charitable WaterOne foundation at the September board meeting, it is not yet operational. The request was referred to HomeServe, the company that offers indoor, water line and sewer line plumbing insurance to WaterOne clients. HomeServe did approve paying to install a water supply to the cemetery under the parameters of their charitable foundation, HomeServe Cares. A video of the dedication of this utility is available online.

Due to the large amount of rainfall this year, water sales are 10% under budget, approximately $8.8 million. This has also produced lower operating expenses, so the overall estimated budget shortfall is estimated at about $3.7 million. 

A 7-day test of the new ozone water purification facility failed. The test failure did not cause any safety issues. The test will be repeated in the near future.

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Johnson County Parks & Rec District

Oct. 16, 2019

Observer:  Cindy Stephens

The JCPRD Regular Board Meeting was livestreamed for the first time.

JCPRD received the Urban Land Institute Development of Distinction Award for 2019 for the Johnson County Heritage Center. 

ETC Institute’s Public Survey Results on JCPRD Capital Improvement Priorities was presented to help determine long-range investment priorities for usage, satisfaction and needs of Johnson County.  The park trails had the highest ratings plus Shawnee Mission Park. The board must complete their review for the Legacy Plan by the end of December.

The Bike Trail – “E” Bike pilot must be finished by January 15, 2020.

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