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The April 4 Monthly Meeting has been canceled!
There will be a YouTube video soon.

April 4 Monthly Meeting: 2020 Census: What’s at Stake?

The census lays the foundation for much of what constitutes our democracy. It affects how Kansans are represented in Congress and billions of dollars in federal funding.

In the 2010 Census, experts estimate that the population was undercounted by 1 percent. The undercount was even higher for minorities — an estimated 2.1 percent of blacks and 1.5 percent of Hispanics were not counted. A similar undercount in 2020 would result in the loss of $48 million in the Kansas City region for 16 federal programs:

Join us to find out just what’s at stake with the 2020 Census and what our community is doing to ensure every person is counted.

Watch for a member survey

We were also going to break up into small groups to brainstorm during the April 4 meeting.  We will now do this by an online survey. Look for it soon. The topic categories are:

  • Our get-out-the-vote efforts in 2020
  • Embedding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our League
  • Topics for our monthly meetings

We need your input to make LWVJoCo even stronger!

The 2020 US Census2020 US Census

The US Constitution requires the federal government to conduct a census to count all people in the United States every 10 years. The entire US population should be counted without exception — adults and children, citizens and noncitizens alike. Our Constitution requires an accurate count of all “persons” living in the United States, regardless of legal status.

You can make a difference in the places we live, work and worship. We ask you to join us in ensuring the 2020 Census counts everyone living in the United States once, only once, and in the right place, including helping us reach hard-to-count members of the community.

The League wants you to know about some initiatives to safeguard the 2020 Census:

Making Democracy Work for All

Since 1920, the League has been an activist, grassroots organization whose leaders believed that citizens should play a critical role in advocacy.

We do not endorse or oppose political candidates or parties at any level of government. Our advocacy positions are based on the merits of each issue, after careful study and consensus.

We think hands-on work safeguards democracy, which leads to civic improvement. In addition to registering voters, the League:

  • Educates citizens about issues, legislation and candidates.
  • Encourages individual participation in the political process.
  • Informs our community through in-depth, objective study.
  • Monitors local, state and national government bodies and activities.
  • Hosts candidate forums and public issue forums.

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Help Us Make Democracy Work

Want to make a difference? Join LWVJoCo and stand with the League for justice and democracy. Anyone 16 and older is welcome to join. Contact us today.

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