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Presidential Update January 2021

Amber Stenger and Ellen Miller | Published on 12/29/2020
Our Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts 

Even though 2020 probably was among the strangest year of all of our lifetimes, 
it doesn't change an inalterable truth: Organizations don't effect change — people do.

It was your ideas, your hard work and your dedication that allowed our organization to play a part in the record level of voter turnout in 2020.
 It is your passion that fuels our advocacy to protect voting rights. It is your commitment to making our organization more diverse, inclusive and equitable that pushes us to do the hard work necessary to address our internal and external biases and prejudices. 

That’s why on Saturday, Jan. 9, we need all of our members to come together to set the course for the coming year.
 Your ideas and perspectives are vital to shaping our organization’s priorities and strategies to accomplish our goals.

The pandemic prevents us from meeting in person. But even though a virtual session may be only the next best thing, we still can accomplish a lot. We can still have productive small-group discussions on important questions, provide opportunities for members to ask questions of board directors, suggest topics for future programs and field ideas for local studies. We can also give away a few prizes just to up the fun factor.

So please make time to join us for our annual planning session.
 Each of you is essential to our whole.

Register here.

See you Saturday, Jan. 9!

Amber Stenger and Ellen Miller, Co-Presidents