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Member Spotlight: Nancy Allen

Kathleen Morrow | Published on 4/26/2021

Where she’s from

Nancy is originally from Buffalo, New York. She moved to the Kansas City area in 1980 to study at KU Med Center in preparation for her work as a dietitian. She worked at St. Luke’s for 10 years, and Children’s Mercy Hospital for 25 years. She finished her career as a Program Manager at Children’s, facilitating health care providers in standardizing care across Children’s Mercy’s enterprise.

About her family

Nancy and her husband have been married 35 years and have a son, Charlie, who lives in the area.  Her mother remains in Buffalo and at 91 years still drives and manages her life very well. She has five living brothers and sisters who live across North America.

Why she joined the League

When she first came to the Kansas City area, Nancy and her husband lived and worked between Johnson and Jackson counties. She joined the KCMO League for two years, and when her family moved to Johnson County in January 2021, she transferred to LWVJoCo. Concern over current events was Nancy's initial motivation for joining the League. She appreciated the League’s non-partisan approach to issues and elections and was particularly interested in the Redistricting/Gerrymandering panel presentation conducted by LWVJoCo in February 2021.

What she thinks the League does well

Nancy has been very active in the People Powered Fair Maps program at LWVJoCo since she moved back to Kansas.  Her experience as a Program Manager at Children’s Mercy helped her become a “flow-charter”, a skill which has proven very useful in the PPFM program.  She has met many interesting individuals through the League and feels that the organization’s strength lies in the information and support it provides for its members as well as for voters in general. 

Where she would like to see the League focus in the future

The emphasis on DEI is in Nancy’s estimation important to the future of the League. Diversifying our membership will help us address issues in all aspects of our programming as well as working to protect the rights of all voters in Kansas.  

What she does to strengthen our democracy

Nancy reports that she did canvassing in Overland Park House District 16. Under the leadership of Eileen Marshall, she is a LWV Observer of the Overland Park City Council. She worked on the PPFM program in Missouri and helped with redistricting reforms through work on the now defunct “Clean Missouri'' initiative.  She is now on the PPFM working group with the LWV Johnson County.

Fun Fact

In 2006, she walked in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day. It was a 60-mile walk over three days, to raise money and awareness of breast cancer research. She walked with friends, including her friend Sue, who has since died from this awful disease.

How she’s coping with the pandemic

Nancy reports that her life has slowed down since her move to Kansas, her retirement and the pandemic; they have all happened in the last year! In addition to her work on the PPFM program, she has spent some time with the Creative Studies program at SUNY College at Buffalo, from which she has a Graduate Certificate.