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Member Spotlight: Heidi Matthews

Kathleen Morrow | Published on 11/30/2021

Where she’s from

Selma, Indiana, a rural area outside of Muncie, was Heidi’s original home. Her dad was a farmer and high school chemistry teacher and her mother a “volunteer extraordinaire.” Heidi and her older brother both went to Purdue University, where she graduated with a degree in social studies secondary education. Heidi has lived in Indiana, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and now Kansas for the past 18 years. 

About her family

Married to Larry for 23 years, they have two “awesome daughters.” Shelby is a senior at the University of Missouri in Columbia in strategic communications and Jaelen is a sophomore at Washburn University in Topeka in forensic biology. They are a very close family and Heidi reports that Shelby and Jaelen are “thick as thieves.”

Why she joined the League

Heidi joined LWV because she wanted to be a part of a nonpartisan group that conducts research on the issues and provides factual information to others. She wanted to be civically engaged but avoid the divisive and ugly discourse in which the political parties seem to engage.

What she thinks the League does well

Heidi appreciates the service that League of Women Voters provides for the community. She feels that the League works for everyone. Observing legislative sessions, sharing observations with each other and the public and spending time helping people get registered to vote are important not only to members but to the community at large. 

Where she would like to see the League focus in the future

Heidi appreciates the League’s current focus. In a time with a heightened awareness of inclusiveness, she feels that the League's fight for equality and equity is right on target. Factual, well-researched information that is not part of a political party or PAC needs to have a loud voice. Encouraging others in our community to not take the information they see at face value is a real service the League provides that makes our community better.

What she does to strengthen our democracy

Heidi shares information that comes from valid sources, gently letting friends know that a source they have shared might not be neutral nor what they think it is. She shares with others that she is a member of the League of Women Voters. As parents, Heidi and Larry model civic engagement for their two daughters, who are now voters.

Fun Fact

Remodeling her college daughter's room to become her home office and art space when her work conditions changed was fun. Heidi reports that her creations are primarily in an art journal full of paint, ink and collage. The journal provides a great deal of stress relief and she finds it a fun way to express herself.