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Eileen Marshall, chair


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Olathe School Board

Cindy Hicks


June 26

At the end-of-year special meeting:  

  1. The board approved the renewal/adoption of the Kansas “Home Rule,” which authorizes the Olathe School Board to transact the school district’s business.
  2. They approved the transfer of funds for end-of-year transactions.
  3. The school administration’s estimated timeline to present the preliminary 2019-2020 budget is at an August meeting. The board discussed delaying the regular monthly board meeting for August by one week, if the budget presentation would be available by then.

July 11

This was a brief organizational meeting to re-elect the president and vice president of the school board for the new school year and to re-appoint the clerk, deputy clerk and treasurer.  

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Observer Corps iconCity of Prairie Village City Council

Eileen Marshall



July 3

Notable items:

  1. The mayor announced that the city, Johnson County Library Board and the YMCA are working toward a market study to determine the feasibility of combining a library, YMCA and community center in a building to be located somewhere on the city complex. If it goes ahead, the study will survey citizens’ level of interest and willingness to pay.
  2. Meadowbrook Park is open!
  3. Electric vehicle charging stations are located at Meadowbrook Park and will soon be ready in the Prairie Village Shops.
  4. The police department now has a mental health co-responder on staff.
  5. The deputy city administrator is participating in the affordable housing educational events hosted by United Community Services and invited council members to participate.
  6. The council discussed proposed changes to zoning regulations regarding commercial landscaping standards, signs and alternative energy systems. 
  7. The Environmental Committee is exploring best practices in herbicide and pesticide use and also how other cities are addressing concerns over single-use plastics.


July 15

Notable items:

  1. The city, Johnson County Library Board and the YMCA have informally agreed to undertake a market study to determine the feasibility of combining a library, YMCA and community center to be located somewhere on the city campus. The council discussed and approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the other parties that authorizes and funds the market study (up to $20,000 from Prairie Village). When the Library Board and the Y approve the MOU, then selection of a consultant can begin. The council had extensive conversation about unknown project costs and whether residents will support the concept. The aim of the market study is to begin to answer those questions.
  2. The city renewed its participation in the Kansas Housing Assistance Program, which helps certain low-income Kansans obtain home loans.
  3. The results of a city-wide traffic study were presented.
  4. The council viewed and discussed a presentation on potential interior inspections of rental properties. No action was taken.


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Observer Corps iconBoard of County Commissioners

Leonore Rowe and Karen Wiederaenders



June 20

The BOCC set the maximum expenditure for the proposed 2020 budget for publication.  This was done after weeks of department presentations. The proposed budget would keep the mill levy constant. The proposed budget, which includes a large amount for reserves, is $1,259,839,051. The final hearing on the budget will be on July 29 at 7pm.  


Staff changes: The deputy county appraiser has been appointed acting director for the appraiser’s office while the search for a new county appraiser continues. Lugene Marsh, head of the Department of Health and Environment, has resigned. 


July 18 

The BOCC was presented an overview of services provided by the county to vulnerable populations by the directors of Human Services, Health and Environment, Mental Health, and Developmental Supports. This was a long slide presentation, which League members might want to look up online.   


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