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2019 State Ballot Measure

Voters will see a constitutional amendment on the Nov. 5 ballot. The amendment proposes a change in the way the state’s population is counted for state redistricting purposes. The measure was passed by the Kansas legislature with a bipartisan super majority.

  • A “yes’ vote would mean that state legislative districts drawn by the 2022 Kansas Legislature will be based on the state population as counted during the 2020 U.S. Census; a change of current policy.
  • A ‘no’ vote would mean that state legislative districts drawn by the 2022 Kansas Legislature will be based on an adjusted state census count; a continuation of current policy.

Kansas is the only Midwest state to use adjusted census counts for legislative redistricting.

The League of Women Voters of Johnson County supports this amendment and urges a YES vote.

Look up the text of the ballot question at vote411.org

Feel free to download and print our informational handout.

2019 Local Elections

Voters will decide several important races in 2019. Note: All local races are nonpartisan. When voting in person, you are asked to show a form of identification. Here is a list of types of ID accepted.

In Johnson County, the November 5 ballot will have these races:

  • All cities: mayor and/or council
  • All school boards (Blue Valley, DeSoto, Eudora, Gardner Edgerton, Olathe, Shawnee Mission and Spring Hill)
  • Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees
  • WaterOne Board

Advance Voting
Seven locations offer advance voting in Johnson County.


Be an informed voter. See Information on candidates 

Voters may opt to advance vote by mail or at selected sites. Check the Election Office for details.

In Wyandotte County, voters will elect representatives for:

  • Unified Government
  • Board of Public Utilities
  • School boards (Districts 202, 203, 204 and 500)
  • KCK Community College Board of Trustees
  • Mayor and/or city council (Bonner Springs, Edwardsville, Lake Quivira)
  • Water One Board

Check www.vote411.org to confirm your registration status, find information on candidates, and see what is on your ballot.,

Advance Voting

Wyandotte County Advance voting locations


For more information about voting in Wyandotte County, check .http://www.wycovotes.org/ for details

Check your county election office for updates on early voting locations.

2019 Calendar


Fall General Election

  • October 15: Voter registration closes for general election
  • October 16: Advance voting by mail begins
  • October 28: Advance voting in person begins
  • November 5: General Election Day

The Johnson County Election Office offers three ways to cast your vote:

Election info

Johnson County Election Office


NOTE: Do you vote a paper ballot? Be sure to follow all instructions; especially be sure to sign the return ballot envelope.

In the August 2016 Primary Election. 2,349 paper ballots (advance and provisional) were challenged. The Board of Canvassers  accepted the Election Office’s recommendation to count or not to count those ballots. Of the 898 recommended NOT to count, 219 were not registered to vote. There were 272 who had “incorrect party affiliation change” which is only an issue in primary elections. Some ballots were not accepted due to problems with the return envelope, such as the envelope was not signed or signature did not match the one on file, incomplete information, photo ID was not shown to election worker, or voter had already voted. See a sample return envelope for guidance.

Use the election office website to check your voter registration, confirm your polling place, learn what districts you live in, the names of your representatives, and view the list of candidates for upcoming elections. You may also view a sample ballot, which is posted 20 days prior to an election.